Condition Survey and Dilapidation Report

Condition Survey

A condition survey is a factual record of the condition of a property, normally prepared for legal or contractual reasons prior to purchase, lease or refurbishment of a residential or commercial building. A building survey will identify any obvious defects that would ordinarily be missed by the untrained eye. It provides a complete record of the condition of the property on a particular date that can be used as a benchmark against which its condition can be assessed in the future and any changes identified.

Understanding the condition of a property is fundamental for all property owners, prospective buyers and lessors in order to;

– Adequately maintain building condition

– Record the physical condition of a property at a point in time

– Maintain the property in accordance with a lease

– Inform future spending and investment


Schedule of Dilapidation

Dilapidation is a term which refers to the condition of a property during its occupancy or when a lease ends. It is linked to the occupier’s obligations under the terms of the lease agreement to maintain and repair the premises.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, Herr Engineering & Design Ltd can provide expert advice on all aspects of repair and maintenance obligations for both landlords and tenants.


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