Snag List

A snag list is the inspection and investigation of all visible construction on accessible surfaces/areas internally and externally on a newly built property.

The purpose of a snag list is to ensure the newly built property has been constructed to an acceptable standard in a good and workmanlike manner and to draw attention to deviations from the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Our professionally written snag list report provides 3 key functions:

– Our snag list report serves as a working list for the builder / developer to carry out repairs from.

– Each issue is identified by its location, type of problem & the manner in which it should be repaired by the builder.

– The snag list report document serves as a record of defect(s). Should a problem reoccur early during the occupancy of the home your snag list report will allow for recourse with the builder to have further repair or replacement undertaken.


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